Dudley, Eunice and Franklin - who’s next!  We’ve been rather fortunate, in that we’ve found very little damage thus far - just one small tree in a copse.  If anything Franklin has been more fierce and prolonged than Eunice, but neither brought the destruction we had from Arwen last year.  We have had a lot of rain, something like 30 mm of it since Saturday morning, bringing the week’s total to near 50 mm.  The course had to be closed because it was so wet, with standing water visible.  It was also dangerous - the water makes slopes treacherous underfoot, and the gales were throwing debris around.  At least the strong winds are helping dry the surface - the fairways.  Stray off-piste at your peril!

In other news, we’ve finished edging out the bunkers, and the new bander has arrived, but it will have to sit in the sheds until things are a bit drier.

Alan Wood

21 February 2022


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