It’s not really been a wet week, up to this Saturday at least but it was nothing like as good as forecast and damp enough to mess up most of Gavin’s plans for the week.  The hay harvest had to be postponed.  The grass needs to be fairly dry to be stored - there have been press reports of damp material self-combusting.  Hopefully we can get it done this week (w/c August 23); if we can’t we may have to cut it ourselves and leave it to rot down as we did a year or two ago, as the farmer/contractor has to move on to maize harvesting.  He plans to collect and store our material as haylage (semi-dried grass, half-way between hay and silage) in wrapped bales.

The autumn greens work was also compromised:  the dampness prevented scarifying (the recovered material ‘clumps’ and is messy to collect).  It will be done later - it’s only a day’s work.  We spread 20 tonnes of dressing but the dampness meant it could not be brushed in until Thursday morning.  Greens can’t be cut while there is dressing on the surface - the sand content plays havoc with the cutter blades - so they had to be left until they’d been brushed.  Apologies to those who struggled!  But the greens were running very true, and not desperately slowly.  

We didn’t stimp this week because of the greens work.

The hedging contractor is coming in next week - fingers crossed the ground stays firm. Between him and the farmer there will be some pretty heavy kit on the course during the week.  Remember:  contractors wait for no man (or woman)!  Gavin will make sure the ditch banks are tidied up.

We’ve had one ‘possible’ applicant for the greenkeeper role which will be followed up.  

Alan Wood

21 August 2021



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