We have had almost 160 mm of rain in January, including 61 mm from storm Christoph.  The monthly total is more than 2.5 times what Chester might normally expect in January.

The course was saturated, with ponds in every hollow.  Nevertheless, Gavin reported that on Wednesday the course was playable - had it been permitted.  Then we had further heavy overnight rain which filled up the unofficial ponds again.   It demonstrates that the gravel banding is very effective in clearing ‘free’ surface water but it can’t dry the ground - that needs evaporation from low humidity and ideally a breeze.

The ground has been far too soft to get any machine out, which severely limits the work that can be done.  Will has taken some back holiday, whilst Jamie and Eli have been furloughed.  The plan is they will be back in next (i.e. this) week.

Following an incident on a neighbouring course where a rambler was struck by a ball, causing serious injury, we have reviewed the signage marking the right of way across the course. Some changes will be implemented before the course reopens.

Included is another photo of the view from the 7th green which reveals the canal bridge.  We will plant a replacement hedge just in case the openness to the canal proves to be too intrusive:   it's cheap and can easily be reversed.

Alan Wood

30 January 2021