Friday's Stimp reading was 8’ 8”, taken on damp greens, in a light drizzle.

The week has been dominated by thunderstorms and very heavy rain.  Up until lunch on Friday we’d had 80 mm (3.2 inches) since the beginning of the week.  In summer the course deals well with that - the gravel bands shift surface water quite quickly.  The photo shows the putting green and beyond at 06:30 last Tuesday morning.  I played 3 hours later and other than the odd tide mark on a green there was no sign of what had been a very visible problem.  

When it rains this heavily, water pours off the course into bunkers, especially now we have lowered the entry points to gather errant shots.  Not only does that shift the sand about but it carries in soil and debris which contaminates the sand.  It’s hard work to shift the inevitably wet sand back into position, especially when the forecast is telling you it will all have to be done again later in the week.

puttingThere have been 3 or 4 critical comments about the hole inserts we are using to avoid players having to touch the pins. We have seen a couple of proprietary devices that address that, but on evaluation neither are suitable. One in use at Wallasey can’t be fitted on our ‘javelin’ pins; another used by Chester GC makes the pin diameter at the bottom large enough to interfere with balls holing out.

A bit of field research exploring different gauges of insulating foam has encouraged us to replace the current material (left-overs we had in the sheds) with a much narrower version which has been precisely cut to the same height as the white plastic cup inserts.  Road testing over 9 holes on Friday went satisfactorily.  The new inserts are in place.