Staff holidays made us 2 men short for most of the week, mostly limiting the team to routine course work.  Walk-ways have again been dressed with 20 tonnes of grit as part of the ongoing programme to firm them up; ditches have been strimmed and the paths treated with weedkiller.

There is still plenty of growth.  The fairways etc. were cut twice, greens cut or rolled alternate days.  The greens would normally have been cut and rolled on Friday ahead of the Mixed Open, but the forecast heavy rain kept the rollers off for fear any compaction would lead to flooding.  In the event there was only a minimum of rain in the morning.  Week to date we’ve had 8 mm of rain, almost all overnight last Sunday/Monday.

Because of rain concerns we stimped on Thursday this week, although in the event Friday was much drier than forecast.  The result was 9’ 7”, quite impressive given the weather conditions.  The chart shows speeds this year have been consistently above the average of earlier years.  This year’s running average is 9’ 6”, fractionally ahead of last year - which was the highest since we started measuring14 years ago.

Course Committee

20th August 2023


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