Little to report this week, just same old same old.  At least we have had some improved weather, for a change.

Greens were running at 9’ 8” this morning.  They have been alternately cut and rolled this week until Thursday, since when they have been both rolled and cut - as they will next week running up to the County Seniors.  Currently there are over 60 entrants, with the favourite on paper being off +3.  Spectators welcome - just keep your distance.  We have had virtually no rain, just a couple of light showers.

The mild humid weather has stimulated fungal attack (fusarium and anthracnose, for the curious), so the greens have been sprayed.  The greens surrounds have been treated with weedkiller.  Ideally we’d do the fairways again but have neither materials nor time.  Bunker surrounds have been blitzed.  We also managed to complete the divotting started last week, including a refresh on 1 and 7.  It’s likely we will want to do it again before long, with the events planned for this month.

We have abandoned thoughts of harvesting the hay.  It’s very late in the year and although the weather looks promising for next week, we can’t disrupt the CGU County Seniors stroke-play, which is followed by the Club’s Autumn meetings.  We are looking for a suitable mower to top off and trim the deep rough to around 6”.

Alan Wood

12 September 2020