We had just short of an inch of rain first week in February; something more than an inch the second week; this week another inch and with substantially more forecast at the start of next week.  It’s hopeless - unless a course is built on sand where the rain goes straight through (as it does on our greens) the ground is overwhelmed, as evidenced by the local fields.  Not since the early days at Eaton before we installed gravel banding have we been so badly disrupted.  Gavin is seriously behind with winter work - he can’t get machines on the course.  Even walking over it leaves very visible footprints but the turf is not actually broken so the marks soon go.  We will need a couple of weeks of drying weather before the course is anywhere near ‘normal’ and it’s not looking very likely for this coming week.

On the course we have again been restricted to ‘housekeeping’ matters, like fettling up signage - there are a lot of posts to paint!  WiFi is now operational at the sheds, which will be invaluable should there ever be reason to use the course watering system.

The main work has been on the roadway around the clubhouse. Contractors power washing the brick setts dislodged a load of muck and moss which has washed onto and contaminated the gravel edging.  The stone has been taken out - in truth it’s needed doing for some time - and replaced with limestone.  At the same time Gavin plans to put a proper drain in the verge to prevent the flooding that regularly occurs in that area.  There will be some spare stone to improve the overflow car park.

We had a generally disappointing response to the advert for a new greenkeeper - plenty of applications but mostly unsuitable candidates, many of whom appeared not to have read the advert.  However, late in the day a promising entry was received which we are following up.  He does not 100% fit the desired profile but may well have the potential we seek.

Alan Wood