Although we’ve only had around 15 mm of rain this week (through Friday) it’s been wet enough to interfere with some of the early winter treatments.  Callum had to stop rotoknifing (slitting the fairways at around 6” spacings to a similar depth to let water penetrate further down into the clay) because the ground was marking up from the tractor tyres.  It’s a fine balance:  too dry and the blades can’t penetrate, too wet and the fairway churns up.  He also was not able to spray the greens with fungicide to deal with some early signs of fusarium.  At £800 a treatment we don’t want the rain washing the spray into the drains before it can be effective.

Elsewhere the team were able to mow throughout - just routine. 

Now we need to work out what, and how, we can do during the just-announced lock-down period.  There is a lot we planned to do this winter, especially some more gravel banding:  we are keen not to lose opportunities - decisions yet to be made.

Alan Wood



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