Another short week, and the same again next week.  It matters - Gavin sees all the tasks around the course in terms of how many man hours they take, so any limitation on staff availability affects what he thinks can be done.  He also has to factor in events for which special course prep might be needed, or which can mean restricted time on the course to work - there’s a lot of juggling required.

The dry weather continues, although the lads have come in at 06:00 more than once this week to a white frost as well.  The moisture probe we bought 3-4 years ago is showing that the high points on the greens are dry (around 10% moisture content) whilst the hollows are around 30%, which is target.  The crests need water, but using the sprinklers causes water to accumulate in the hollows so we have been spot hand-watering with some added wetting agent to counteract dry patch.

The new Turf Iron has been out 3 times this week.  Now we understand it better we are finding it can easily do the full course on a single charge.  We (Keith) stimped on Friday for the first time this year, recording a result of 9’ 3”.  That’s extremely high for this early in the year, especially with the greens only cut to 4 mm.  The dry conditions have a lot to do with it.

Greens, tees and approaches have been sprayed with some iron and liquid seaweed - a very mild fertiliser, just to maintain their appearance.  Parts of the stream banks have been strimmed.

Alan Wood



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