We’ve had 10.5 mm of rain this week, mostly overnight Thursday.   It’s broken a lengthy dry spell.  The temperature has also dropped.


Despite the greens being quite damp and quite soft, when we did the speed measurement on Friday the result was 9’ 7”.  We are back to a normal summer routine of alternately cutting and rolling through the week, deploying both just on Friday.  Cut height remains 3.5 mm.   Growth has slowed, initially because of the dry conditions but latterly due to the fall in temperature.


We have a dispute about machinery noise with one of our neighbours, who is disturbed by greens being mowed early e.g. starting at 06:30, which we have to do to have the course ready for the early birds, particularly for 08:00 competition starts.  Following initial discussions with the Council we are experimenting with different machinery routes round the course to keep away from the neighbours as long as possible, and also running the greens mower, a hybrid diesel electric, on reserve battery power to keep the engine revs down.  Longer term we are assessing the feasibility (financial and operational) of going all electric.  It’s not a simple decision, but it's unlikely that we will be allowed to ignore the problem.


The bunkers have featured this week.  Members have commented that the sand seems ’thin’.  There is actually plenty of sand, but the heavy rain early in the month followed by hot weather has caused it to ‘pan’ i.e. bake hard.  It has softened this week with the rain.  The rain and heat have also stimulated germination of the seeds that have drifted into the bunkers, which have had to be sprayed out.


Gavin is now on holiday for 2 weeks.  Craig has a week off which was booked before he joined us.  George the summer temp who is doing stalwart work is going to put in some extra hours to help cover the shortfall, but we will be short-handed.  Callum will be busy!


Alan Wood


1 August 2021




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