These weekly updates tend to be dominated by reports on rainfall and this one is no different.  Although we’ve only had 6.5 mm this week (Monday - Friday, more on Sunday) it’s been more than enough to keep the course surface saturated, forcing some closures and a continuing trolley ban.  At the recent Course committee meeting it was agreed to trial a 9-hole course, 10-13 and 5-9, which was immediately put into practice at the weekend.  These holes feature the drier part of the course, but Gavin will be keeping a very close eye on what damage foot traffic might cause.

Elsewhere work continues to be limited by the soft ground but it was possible to move some spoil and refill the irrigation trench on 12, thus completing that piece of work.  The 15th will have to wait.  We’ve also been able to get the new bander onto the 18th, which is convenient to refill at the sheds.  Also, the machine is fitted with wide tyres and can handle the weight on soft ground.  It will take 4-5 days to complete the hole.  Next in line will be the 16th.

Mats have been put out on the short holes - earlier than usual but the tees are so soft they are readily damaged.  We are assessing mat replacements - what we have has served us well for many years but they are starting to distort.

Worm casts are a major problem in the current mild and damp conditions, which are also encouraging fusarium - Gavin is on the alert, but it’s a bit soft for the sprayer.

Course Committee

19 November 2023



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