It’s been a dry warm to hot week, and the Stimp on Friday responded with a reading of 10’ 5”.  We haven’t done anything specifically to speed things up - just routine alternately cutting and rolling each day.  Hot dry weather definitely increases the speed, possibly by slightly wilting the grass stalks.  The rain long forecast for Captain’s Day mercifully stayed away, so all could experience Eaton’s greens at speed.

The greens were sprayed early in the week with a very light feed and more growth regulator.  We are watering every night - greens 5 minutes from each sprinkler, tees 8 minutes (the root zone on the tees is 7” deep, greens 12”).  It takes most of the night, but fortunately managed by the new irrigation control computer.  Growth has slowed appreciably, again thanks to the hot dry weather.

Elsewhere, not much to report - just lots of mowing and more selective weed kill for clover in the rough.  Clover comes every so often; it needs to be eradicated, as anyone who has come across it in play will testify.  We expect the electric greens mower to arrive before the end of the month - it’s due at the dealership early w/c June 20, but he has a number of machines to deliver.  Gavin has sold our old hay spinner for £500 - we got it second hand in 2008.  It was fully depreciated long since so the cash goes straight on the bottom line.

The baffle net in one of the bays has been replaced.  We have to do that quite regularly:  it’s remarkable the wear caused by balls hitting into the net.  We start off ‘darning’ it but there comes a time…

The 6th white/black tee has taken a fair amount of battering in recent weeks.  We may have to close it and move the teeing zone to the back of the yellow/red tee just to let it recover.  That’s permitted, and doesn’t compromise the course handicap ratings.

Alan Wood

19 June 2022 


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