There has been some return to more normal conditions this week, although despite the few days of frost and decent winds we still can’t get the heavier machines on the course.  We’ve been able to mow the fairways using the semi-rough mower - the normal fairway machine was not able to gain traction on the soft surface, and in any case the heavy cutter heads sank enough into the ground to wreck the height settings - we are talking millimetres.  Gavin left the mowing height at semi-rough length i.e. 25 mm (fairways are usually 14 mm).

bunkers edged


The fairway bunkers have been edged out to sharpen up the sand line, as the attached photo shows.  It’s good to see the mowing stripes again. 


The greens have been cut for the first time since December, taking 10 (!) ‘boxes' off.  Typically in summer they get anything between 1 and 4, but that’s after a day or two of growth, not 2 months. 


The bridge on 5 has not yet been rebuilt - the steel has not arrived.  We need it back in use before we reopen - it’s a long way round without it.


Enhanced safety signage for the right of way has been agreed and is being ordered.  


The local PCSO is now visiting the course regularly to deter roaming kids. It pays to keep on good terms with the neighbours - thank you, Russ!


The current issue of ‘Eaton Outlook’ contains an article about course playability, looking ahead to the AGM.


Alan Wood