We’ve had around 5 mm rain this week following the 20 mm last weekend - enough to keep the greens quite soft without any additional watering.  Morning dews are also heavy.  The greens are showing pitch marks quite badly, especially now the sun is lower. Please can players try to mend their own plus one other - unrepaired marks take some time to heal.  

The stimp on Friday was 9’ 2”.

The main activity this week has been clearing and reshaping the banks of the stream and ditch.  In some areas the stream had undercut the banks, leading to some slumping and partial collapse which is unsightly and potentially unsafe, and in others the amount of silt that washes down every year had built up to a point where the stream was being choked, particularly where the ditch down the right of 5 meets Guy Lane brook.  This has not been done for many years, if ever.  The attached picture shows where the 5th ditch joins the stream. It has all gone very well. The raw banks will soon heal over, but we also need a good deluge to wash them through and shift any loose weed and debris.

In other news, we were prepared to employ an apprentice greenkeeper but he has decided to go back to college full time.  That's actually a mixed blessing:  employing 16-year olds is quite demanding.  We will stop advertising for a replacement for Jamie until the start of next year.  Others have been looking for some time without success.

Next week the greens will be verticut (very shallow scarifying) followed by overseeding which will be topped over with a light covering of dressing.   In a week or so the greens will be vertidrained - steel pins pushed down up to 12 inches followed by a light ‘heave’ to relieve compaction and thus improve drainage.  

 Alan Wood 

18 September 2021     


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