Very little to say this week:  we are firmly into the summer routine.  The good news is that the green speed has picked up markedly.  That’s because:  the seed heads are reducing; because it's been a good dry week (but the greens are being watered every night, initially just 5 minutes per green area but now 8 minutes, plus some hand watering on the high points); and possibly because Gavin has slowed down the travelling speed on the new greens mower.  Although it was at the factory setting he thought it was a bit quick - it should be walking pace.  The cutter cylinders spin at 500 rpm, for the data nerds.  There is still plenty of grass coming off - the greens continue to be alternately cut and rolled on a daily basis.

We have scheduled in the annual hay harvest early this year, to follow the club championships late in July.  This is to ensure (best we can, that is) that the ground will be firm enough to take the large vehicles involved and to get the disruption out of the way before autumn, when hopefully we have other developments to get on with.

One small nature note:  the coot that was nesting on the 6th pond is off the nest, but there is no sign of any chicks.  Gavin says there was just a single egg.  He also reports that there are coots nesting on the small pond by the sheds, and that a buzzard has been keeping a close eye on it…

Alan Wood

18 June 2021


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