This week’s priority has been to prepare the course for the club championships, meaning the focus has been on mowing.  Gavin came back on Thursday from a 10 day home isolation having picked up Covid, despite being double jabbed.  He was really quite poorly for a spell but is now recovered and enjoying being back in the open air.

The greens height has been lowered by 0.25mm, to 3.25mm.  It’s hard to imagine cutting to that level of accuracy on grass.  Gavin uses a special tool to set the mowers up so accurately.  We can’t maintain that height for long - the finer grasses won’t tolerate being cut so short and soon start to suffer.

On Thursday the greens were sprayed with a cocktail of ammonium sulphate (to add nitrogen to deal with the red thread fungus), seaweed extract (a general tonic) and Primo Maxx growth regulator to thicken the sward.

The work was rewarded on Friday with a Stimp reading of 10’.  The hot dry weather over the weekend will increase that, and add a bit of firmness to the greens.  They will be cut and rolled and new holes cut both mornings over the weekend - it’s all hands on deck for the lads for Championship weekends.

Alan Wood        

18 July 2021


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