Course closure this weekend was all but inevitable given the forecasts.  We've had 21 mm of rain this week, but it’s no longer how much rain that falls, it’s the frequency - with humidity continuing over 90% most days the course is just not getting an opportunity to dry out.  Members who managed to play during the week will have found the fairways soft but passable, greens and tees in good shape but the rough very messy.  Eaton is not alone - most of our neighbours have also had closures, even including Wallasey early in the week.  Most have implemented some form of carry-only.  


On the course the team have been limited to what they can access on foot other than being able to complete the 9th -10th path, which has now been fully refurbished.  Callum and Will have been clearing out a number of dead or ailing trees.  There could be logs available, but not until we can fetch them back to the sheds.  


Gavin has started on the winter machinery overhaul.  He’s bought a clever pressure washer that has a self-contained heater that generates hot water which really gets the baked on grass and muck off.  He spends £2-3,000 on parts - gaskets, belts, bearings, oil and hydraulic fluid  etc. - each year.


Can I end the year with a final housekeeping plea?  Pitch marks:  the greens are really soft, and even modest approaches are creating big dents.  Often the grass surface is broken.  If they are not repaired the scarring can be long-lasting.  Please don’t just pass them by:  it’s for everyone’s benefit.


Merry Christmas!


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