Not much to report this week.  Eli has been on holiday to use up his allocation.

The ground was too soft to run heavy kit over it, especially the trailer used to transport gravel.  Fingers crossed for this week (December 20):  if it’s possible Gavin will band the area between the 9th green and half-way house path.  We had 6.5 mm of rain last week, not a huge amount,  but there are daily heavy dews every day which don’t clear until early afternoon, so very little drying is happening.

The greens have been sprayed with fungicide to deal with the fusarium which is quite apparent at the moment, plus a bit of iron to discourage the moss which always becomes more visible in winter when the grass is not growing.

Elsewhere the team has reworked the bunkers after the rains of the previous couple of weeks, removed the broken tree on the right of the 2nd and collected and burned more storm debris.

Next week, running up to Christmas and New Year, the greens will be cut on Monday and sprayed with something which will dissipate the dew and reduce the amount of switching over the holiday period.

I won’t promise an update on Christmas Eve unless there is something significant to report.  If you are playing over the season please remember to repair pitchmarks and replace divots - make both New Year resolutions…

Alan Wood

19 December 2021


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