Greetings and Happy New Year to all.

Unsurprisingly there is not much to report.  But it is good to sign off from 2020 and look forward to better times.

We’ve just had a skeleton team in over the holiday period, enough to keep the course in play.  Not much work is required:  there is minimal growth and once we got into Christmas week, very little rain.  Gavin had to close the course one day because it was covered with ice - too treacherous.   A quick survey (thank you, Peter L) of our neighbours’ course availability on Saturday morning showed the following:

Vicars Cross                14 holes, fairway matts
Chester                        9 holes, temp greens
Upton                           12 holes, temp greens, carry only
Bromborough               12 holes, temp greens, carry only
Portal                           both courses closed
Helsby                          closed
Sandiway                     closed (snow cover)
Delamere                      closed (next inspection Monday morning)
Carden Park                 no info on website
Vale Royal                   website info not up to date because it says they are in tier 2 so   

                                    clubhouse is open !

Note that Eaton almost never moves to ‘winter greens’, although the holes are ready.

Those of us who live north of Kelsall Hill have had snow since early in the week, with widespread overnight frosts.  The good news is that the course is drying out and the forecast is cold but dry for several days.  A bit more and Gavin will be able to get the machines out; until then work is limited to anything that can be accessed on foot, such as pruning and a start on removing the hedge/fence behind the 7th green.  Expect some bonfires!

The photo below shows the Right of Way fence by the locker room doors which has been replaced - the original one was rotten and decrepit.  Gavin has also replaced some items of course furniture which were showing their age e.g. the litter bin and ball washer by the first tee, a new set of red pots for broken tees, etc. 


We had a scare last weekend.  A walker contacted the club to report her husband had been struck by a golf ball and was undergoing immediate surgery to repair what turned out to be a very nasty injury.  After some anxious communications it became apparent they were walking at the Eaton (village) end of Portal, not crossing Eaton golf course.  The incident has prompted us to undertake a review of the signage on the Right of Way across the course.  It is probably inadequate at the canal entrance to the course, and action will being taken. 

Alan Wood

3 January 2021