Just when it was looking like the weather was moving in our favour, Ciara has blown in and wrecked it.  This last week we have seen some decent winds which were drying the course out quite well but overnight Saturday/Sunday morning there has been almost an inch of rain.  No surprise the course was closed on Sunday.

The winds are forecast to continue, along with further rain.  It’s thoroughly depressing…

Not much to say about this week on the course.  At last the fairways were firm enough to be mown.  The main problem is the edges just beyond the banding, where the ground is still soft and gets chewed up as the mower makes its turns.  Green approaches have also been cut.

Gavin has returned from Cape Verde, rested and tanned, but the transition from 30 Degrees C to an early morning frosty Cheshire was a bit of a tester.

The tree surgeon is coming on Monday (10th) morning to take down the roadside tree on the second that was involved in last year’s fatal accident.  It was far too badly damaged by the impact to survive.  In fact, there are two others on the road line which were not involved in the crash which were also condemned during our triennial tree inspection.  They will come down at the same time.  One lane on the road needs to be closed with traffic lights whilst the work is done.  This costs more than the tree work so it makes sense to get it all over at once.


Alan Wood