It’s starting to feel autumnal, with heavy morning dews and high humidities.  We’ve had 14 mm of rain Monday - Friday, almost all of which fell overnight Monday.  The greens were effectively flooded by Tuesday morning, and Callum had to close the course until 10:00.  We weren’t the only course affected:  Sandiway and Bromborough, amongst others, were also affected.  As previously mentioned, the greens desperately need vertidraining, which will happen just as soon as there is enough space in the event calendar.

The stimp on Friday morning was just on 9’.  We were expecting it to be a bit slower because they were fertilised on Monday with compound NPK plus some iron for moss treatment.  The overnight rain washed it in well, and unsurprisingly growth is responding.  To anticipate the inevitable question:  the greens were fertilised now because conditions are extremely favourable for fungal growth:  feeding the grass strengthens it and encourages disease resistance.  The greens were cut and rolled on Friday morning; they will be cut Saturday then cut and rolled on Sunday ahead of the autumn meeting.  Callum will have 4 men in on Sunday, double the normal complement, to ready the course - including cutting new holes.

Elsewhere on the course it’s been mowing and housekeeping, including strimming bunkers and stream banks.  The farmer is preoccupied with other harvesting and will collect the remaining 20-some hay bales when he has time.  They are not in anyone’s way where they are.

One other comment:  Callum reports that a large flock of ducks (50 or 60, presumably mallards) has been gathering by 5th and 6th ponds early in the morning- not something we’ve seen before. 

Course committee

17 September 2023



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