It’s always a busy week running up to Easter, with two Bank holidays bookending the weekend.  Inevitably there are also staff holidays:  Callum has been off all week, and Eli has been dealing with a bereavement.

The course has been mown throughout; the bunkers and ponds edges strimmed and paint lined - before it rained!  Gavin has restored the 4” cut rough boundaries in some areas e.g. around the edges of the old teaching area between the 9th and 10th.

Now the greens have been fed, and with temperatures moving up, they are growing quite strongly, with 3 and more boxes coming off every day.  They are now at their summer height of 4 mm.  They will have to be mown daily through the Easter weekend.

We are trying very hard to minimise any noise nuisance in the properties by the first tee.  It means Gavin has had to change the sequencing of how he cuts the greens before the start of play in order to stay away from the buildings for as long as possible.  In competition everyone needs to play the same course, so if greens are being cut they all need to be cut before players reach them.  This means it is likely that the practice green will be cut after play has begun, which will affect early starters.  The problem should go away when we take delivery of the electric mower we ordered 6 months ago, but there is no news on its arrival.  We and several other local clubs are waiting impatiently!

Alan Wood

17 April 2022


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