Evening all,Jamie

Can I start by introducing Jamie Bakewell, our newest team member.  Jamie attained his greenkeeping NVQ 2 elsewhere then left the industry for a period, but has been drawn back.  He has started well, and is one of the three team members working hard to keep the course under control.  A lot of sitting on tractors!

Gavin reports that the grass is now growing quite strongly.  The Easter weekend is always a bit of a challenge, with 2 working days lost back to back over the weekend.  By close on Friday they had just about caught up with mowing across the course - not to playing heights but within reach of it.  Fairways, for example, really need mowing twice rather than once.  For what it is worth, Gavin says the course looks really good.  I don’t actually think he means ‘because it is not covered with people knocking lumps out of it’, but for once I don’t anticipate calling for any divotting parties this Spring.

The weather continues to be utterly perverse.  It has not rained (meaningfully) for 3 weeks, and Gavin has had to spray the greens with wetting agent (detergent) to treat ‘dry patch’, a fungal condition which makes the soil water-repellent and prevents water penetration.

We are suffering a minor nuisance with children accessing the course at the 7th and 9th boundary, often on bikes, which they are riding around the 10th green and bunker.  At the moment the damage is easily sorted.  We’ve done what we can to reinforce the boundaries, and Russ (who has remained in his flat rather than heading for his house on the Wirral) regularly chases them off, but it’s a fine line between kids messing about and a 'sport', which would be much worse. The path across the course is showing signs of increased wear from walkers, but we are not troubled by people straying - it is a workplace, after all.

Alan Wood

17 April 2020