Hello everyone.

By Friday morning this week we’d had 12 mm of rain - not a huge amount but more than enough to keep the surface saturated.  There is just no ‘dry’ - the humidity is too high.  Gavin commented the course is as wet as it’s been for some time.   We then had more rain overnight on Friday which made course closure inevitable.  Not just for Eaton - other local courses on similar ground, including Upton, Chester, Vicar’s and Bromborough, also decided not to open. 

Not much to report elsewhere.  It’s been too soft to get machines on the course other than via the hard tracks.  The lads have used the time edging and resurfacing the red track paths - one of the routine winter jobs:  it’s surprising how much the edging turf has spread.  Gavin did try to do a bit more banding on the first but had to abandon it because of ground conditions.  However, the encouraging news is that the area on the first that which had been rebanded is noticeably better.

Members might notice that Gavin has invested in more rope and posts to route traffic round wet or worn areas.  Not for the first time, can I urge players to spread out as they walk, and to try to avoid hugging the ropes.  On wet ground this breaks the surface which creates a muddy track in no time at all.

Alan Wood