It’s been very much a routine week, which produced 8 mm of rain (Monday-Friday) and cooler weather.  The greens were alternately cut or rolled daily, which is our normal practice.  They were cut and rolled on Wednesday for Lady Captain’s day and again on Friday ahead of the weekend.  They stimped at 9’ 10” on Friday.

Elsewhere it has just been routine e.g. the bunkers were flymown and strimmed.  

Gavin has been in contact with the farmer, who has confirmed he again wants to take our hay crop.  When is always a question - shortly the farmer will be fully committed with harvest activities; we come a distant second to that.  At the moment all we can say is that it will be before the end of August.

In a court hearing that has taken some considerable time to reach a conclusion, the club’s insurers have successfully defended a claim for damages arising from an alleged injury on the course.

Course Committee

16 July 2023


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