This week’s stimp was 10’ 1”, continuing a run of over 9’ results.  It’s no coincidence that this has happened during an extended dry spell.  The greens continue to be cut at 3.5 mm and are currently being watered for 6 minutes every evening - plus hand-watering with wetting agent during the day.  There is not a lot of growth at the moment but we continue to cut or roll alternate days.

Growth across the course is also slow, but the mowers have been out, if nothing else to keep things tidy.  We’ve had a rotary mower over some fairways and tees to cut back the rye grass.

The greens aprons are looking better thanks to the sprinkler heads which were added to get water onto them.  Elsewhere a number of pop-ups have been replaced and/or realigned, including resetting one to reach the front of the old 14th tee which is very burnt up - the original stone carpet is still there so it drains very well.  Hopefully a bit of water will green it up.

It looks like the hay harvest will be done at the beginning of the week (w/c 18 July).  With the heat forecast at the start of the week we are hopeful it can be cut, spun, baled and collected in a couple of days - before the rain/thunderstorms forecast for Wednesday hit.  all done by the farmer.

Alan Wood

16 July 2022


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