Morning frosts have limited course work, so the team have focused on ‘housework’ - pruning, machinery servicing, checking the state of the new boundary fences by the roadside on 2 and behind the 7th green.   Some of the blackthorn whips have died and will need replacing, but in general the growth is good.

We have doubled the height of the fence between the course and the barn conversion by the first tees, to bring it up to around 8 feet.  It may not be a complete answer to the issue of balls entering the adjacent gardens, but it’s a necessary low-cost first step.  Related to that, we have taken delivery of a new all-electric Turf Iron (illustrated) which will remain in the sheds until April - we can’t roll soft greens.  An all-electric greens mower will arrive in the spring.

Next week we will start installing new irrigation on some of the greens approaches.  This is necessary before we can improve the grass composition in these areas.  At the moment they contain a mixture of coarse grasses which will can become greens surround quality.  Water, mowing, and over-seeding are necessary.  The work will involve some trenching and will be led by our irrigation contractor.


As soon as we can thereafter Gavin will hollow tine the greens and dress to firm them up, followed by an application of lawn sand - it’s never too early to start the spring greens treatment, weather permitting.  At the moment the forecast for the rest of the month is quite dry:  we hope the conditions will let us continue with more drainage work.


Alan Wood

16 January 2022


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