The most notable aspect of this week is how well the course looks despite there only being half a team in for much of it.  Eli got married at the end of last week but was in at 06:00 on Monday.  Callum managed to get the tidying jobs attended to last week and was therefore able to focus on mowing.

We had a couple of showers during the week, just enough to make the surface of the greens slightly damp but they were still running at exactly 10’ and looking as good as they ever have. 

This coming week we will give the greens their late season work-over:  solid tining to get air to the grass roots and discourage rot and dressing to keep the surface firm.  We will verti-cut (scarify) next month - it can’t be done on damp greens - and this morning has had some light rain.  Despite the damp Gavin has decided to go ahead with the hay harvest later in the week.  It’s all to be done by a neighbouring farmer and contractor, so look out for some big machines and remember - time is money to contractors, who stop for no-one!

Alan Wood



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