Not a great deal to report on this week - the team are just settling in to the summer routine on what Gavin sometimes refers to as ‘the grass factory’.  Everywhere has been cut - fairways twice, greens more frequently.  They were cut and rolled Friday and again Saturday, and the speed has picked up as expected.  The stimp on Friday was 8’ 11”.  Although it had not rained for 24 hours the greens were still damp and fairly soft.  There is reasonable growth, but temperatures are still below average - no frosts, though.  We are just starting on the annual meadow grass seed head season - the pale yellow specks - which will affect the roll for a couple of weeks.

Greens were given a (very) light feed coupled with some iron to upset the moss.  Up to Friday this week we’ve had 12 mm rain on top of the 50 mm last week - quite a lot of water going through the greens, taking nutrients with it.

Harlie finished on Friday, but George the summer temp has made a promising start.  He’ll be kept busy!

Quote of the week from the competition secretary of a local club playing this morning in the Chester Festival:  “your greens are like Axmister”.  

Alan Wood        



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