Another 8 mm of rain this week, more than enough to limit access to the course - currently the ground is so sodden it takes very little additional water for it to need protection.  Gavin has managed to keep 9 holes in play, although it is heartening that some members questioned that, showing they do care about the course.  Would that others felt the same and behaved accordingly!  Other local courses are similarly constrained.

Despite the rain the ground was just about firm enough on Friday to permit spraying the greens with fungicide to deal with fusarium, which was beginning to take hold;  the relatively warm and humid conditions are ideal for it.  The spray was supplemented with some iron solution to ‘harden’ the sward.

We’ve bought new mats for the short holes to replace the original ones, which have lasted well and done a very good job.  They are a bit smaller and more manoeuvrable.

The team has been much reduced this week as some of the men were using up the rest of their holidays.  We can’t let leave accumulate and be carried forward:  at normal times we need all the effort we can manage.

Course Committee

17 December 2023


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