The stimp was 8’ 3”.

Another bank holiday shortened week.  Monday to Friday we had 17 mm of rain.  After heavy showers later on Tuesday a very well-attended Alliance on Wednesday left its mark but it will soon recover.  Buggies were banned on Thursday but were back on again on Friday.

The damp and mild conditions encourage rapid growth, which was a factor in the stimp reading being down this week, but significant speed variation is only to be expected on fine grass greens so early in the season.  It’s at this time of year courses with meadow grass greens register much faster speeds - shallow-rooting poa annua is faster into growth and can be cut much shorter than our more sustainable fine grasses.  

The greens have had another spray with the growth regulator that also curbs meadow grass seed heads.  Despite our focus on fine grasses - fescue and bents - the greens contain a significant proportion of meadow grass:  it’s part of the local farming ecology and is everywhere in the air and quickly colonises any bare patches.  We overseed annually - expensively - but it’s a relentless battle.

It looks like a reasonably dry period next week.  When opportunity permits Gavin will spray the fairways with selective weedkiller to tackle the daisies.   The sprayer has been mounted on our recently acquired tractor which has a cab - a real benefit to the driver who is protected from chemical spray.  It also has air conditioning and stereo, but of course it’s the Health & Safety aspect that makes it so attractive…. 

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