We’ve had 4 mm rain Monday - Friday, following last weekend’s 21 mm.  The course took it well, but we had reinstate the trolley ban; there were days when we could not get machinery out - the ground can turn very quickly.  The weekend added another 6 mm and it is still raining quite heavily on Monday morning, so we are back to carry-only.  The immediate forecast is not promising, unfortunately.

Gavin has been on holiday, celebrating a significant birthday somewhere dubious in Nevada.  Whilst he’s been away the team have blitzed the bunkers - an annual process.  They will be tested for sand depth towards the end of March and sand (quite a lot, like 60 tonnes?) added to restore the recommended depths.  It’s not worth doing until the spring.  We’ve done a final bit of pruning around the back of the 8th black tee, providing more work for our resident pyrotechnician, Will.  The tree surgeons came in on Friday to do an inspection and scope any necessary surgery following storm Arwen - the inspection had been brought forward from  2023 because of the damage we experienced.

The greens were cut on Thursday, more to tidy them up than anything else.  Only 3 boxes (one ‘box’ means the collecting bins on the greens mower being emptied once) came off, after 2.5 weeks.  In summer we can get that and more in 24 hours.  But mowing does improve the greens and will set them up for a lawn sand moss treatment which will happen anytime soon.

The ad for a new greenkeeper is out but has yet to produce any encouraging responses.

Alan Wood

14 February 2022


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