Greens speed measured 9’ 4” on Friday:  they’ve not been below 9’ since mid-May.  They were sprayed with growth regulator and given a mild feed early in the week then cut and rolled as usual on Friday and again on Saturday for Captain’s Day.  The greens staff want to make it clear that the pin (and tee) positions for Captain’s Day were Mr. Captain’s choice, particularly on 4 and 12.  Callum (Gavin is on holiday this week) moved them first thing on Sunday morning.

We had 5 mm of rain last week to Monday morning, all of which fell overnight Sunday - with significantly more falling at the moment (Aug 14th am).  The course will take it without difficulty.  The rest of the week is forecast dry - at the moment.

The contractor has been in and cut the hedges - inside and outside - and ditch banks.

An inspection of the DEFRA tree planting at the start of the year shows approximately 8% ‘wastage’, which seems in line with general experience.  We have asked for guidance from the Cheshire Wildlife Trust whether we should replace the dead ones - it’s a small and cheap winter job.

Course committee

14th August 2023



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