The team have cut the grass, including the greens, but the main focus has been to get the 3 bunkers readied for turfing, which should be done later next week.  The interiors will be sorted once the turf has knitted.  When Gavin stripped the leading edge off the chipping green bunker he removed more than 2 feet of virtually solid sand, which is why the leading edge in the photo below has dropped so much.  Greens have also been deeply vertidrained using a new set of pins - the sand content of the root zone wears the solid steel rods away after as little as 4 treatments.  The current weather is ideal conditions for fusarium, so the greens have been sprayed.  By the way, the main reason why the greens are switched in the morning is to remove dew.  If left on it encourages the fungus.


Most of the fairway rotoknifing has been done but had stop with Wednesday’s rain.  The softened ground didn’t provide enough grip for the tractor.

Once the turfing and rotoknifing is finished they will start rebanding the two fairways:  it takes close on a week to complete each one.  Again, fingers crossed for reasonable weather.

Alan Wood






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