The midweek rain has kept the surface fairly soft but it’s fully playable.  Strong drying winds make a big difference! 

Routine work is well underway.  Gavin has cut all the rough, to 1.75”.  EGU Standard Scratch assessment doesn’t recognise rough shorter than 2” but for now keeping it short helps to dry things up - there are still some quite wet hollows around.

Fairways have also been cut:  they are still above target height but will be right by March 29th.  The first cut will be restored next week.  Greens were not cut - Gavin wants to leave the solid tine holes open as long as possible ahead of the top dressing which will also be done w/c 15th March.

The good news is that we have almost completely rebanded the first fairway, other than a small section immediately before the green where they ran out of stone.  It will be completed next week.  The bands have been extended out into the cut rough either side of the fairway e.g. beside the copse top right on the fairway and also up the left hand slope short of the LH green side bunker, hoping to improve these traditional wet spots.  Time will tell but this morning there certainly seemed improvement.  Some of the slits are quite prominent but should have settled down by March 29th:  if not relief is available as 'Ground Under Repair’.

The countdown to reopening is well under way with just over 2 weeks to go.  The greens are yet to be dressed, cut and rolled; rebuilt bunker drains completed and then sanded up (several will need rotovating to break up the hard pan that the rains have caused), and the grass across the course brought to normal height.  If time and ground allow we hope to experiment with some mole ploughing at the top of 15.

The photo shows the completed 5th bridge, now with edge rails;  the ditches were being strimmed on Thursday.

5th bridge



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