We’ve had 9 mm of rain in the gauge at the sheds since last Monday, to follow 15 mm the week before.  Things are greening up.

Greens were cut and rolled on Friday morning ahead of the weekend.  Earlier in the week they were also given a bit of TLC - a light spray feed including some iron and Primo Maxx, a growth regulator that encourages the grass to spread out rather than grow tall, thus increasing sward density:  we use it quite regularly during the summer.  Greens and tees have been solid tined to a depth of 75 mm to get air into the greens to discourage formation of thatch.

Thanks to Bill we have been able to take a Stimp reading for the first time this year.  The result is 8’ 2”, a very reasonable result given the feeding and water the greens have had this week but a bit shy of our target of 9’ across the summer.

The rain over the past 10 days has got the grass back into growth, so fairways, rough etc. are now being cut twice a week, as is our normal practice.  With the resumption of competition play we will also revert to changing the holes twice a week.  The rest of the fairway bunkers have been topped up with sand.  Black and white tee markers will be put out on Monday, ahead of the competition restart on Tuesday.

A member has protested that the foam hole inserts sometimes are not level and may stand proud of the hole.  They are all being checked and if necessary altered, but this is the first negative comment we have received regarding the inserts.

Alan Wood