Yet another week dominated by the weather, not in a good way.  We had an inch of rain on Tuesday and more on Friday.  As at Friday morning we have measured 5 ½ inches during August, marginally more than June.  Normally by July growth is slowing down because of the lack of rain but this year it is still vigorous, meaning the team still spend most of their time mowing.

The stimp on Friday was 8’ 1”, unsurprisingly, as it was measured on wet greens between showers.  We didn’t bother to test the moisture content.

The rain has made the course pretty soft:  we can’t let heavy machinery on to it.  The hedging contractor with his massive tractor has been delayed, although on Friday he cut the outside hedges on Guy Lane.  We need at least a clear dry week before the course can handle such traffic.  That includes the hay harvest.  Plan B if that proves not possible will be to top off the long rough and tidy it up, but we can hope for a dry September.  The CGU County Seniors event September 16 and 17 is a factor.

The greens were vertidrained during the week to deal with the compaction which was causing temporary ponding.  The steel pins, a foot long and about ½ inch diameter, last only 4 cycles before they are eroded down to 6” and become ineffective.  The root zone is 70-80% sand and very abrasive.

Alan Wood

30 August 2020



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