We’ve had around an inch of rain this week, mainly last weekend but with a good fall during the week.  One consequence was the moisture brought the worms up, meaning we weren’t able to roll until Friday - to avoid smearing the casts.  The greens were cut every day although growth is much slower as the growth regulator kicks in.  The speed has been yo-yoing all season so far:  this week it was quite high, at 9’ 8”, suggesting we are moving into more stable summer conditions. 

Greens were sprayed with fungicide at the beginning of the week to prevent fusarium breaking out; it’s always a threat in moist mild conditions.  Some patches of clover in the rough have also been tackled.  We have cut the ‘fringing’ rough - a 4” band between the cut rough (2”) and the jungle in some areas e.g. either side of the old teaching ground:  it's there to help prevent balls running through into lost ball country.

Good news!  We are now expecting the all-electric mower to be delivered next week (w/c 20 June).  Environmentally it’s a major step towards a sustainable future, but operationally it will make Gavin’s job readying the course early in the morning much simpler.  He has been having to cut and/or roll the greens out of sequence to keep noise away from the barn properties beside the first tees until as late as possible, rather than starting on the first at 06:30 and keep ahead of early starters, as he would prefer.  Let’s hope it satisfies our unhappy noise-sensitive neighbour.

Alan Wood

12 June 2022


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