We’ve had 22 mm of rain Monday to Friday noon this week, 15 mm overnight on Monday and the rest on Friday morning.  The course is quite wet and the greens more so.  They were still running at 8’ 8” this morning despite the frequent showers.  They’ve been cut every day this week but only rolled once, this morning.

We are seeing ponds briefly forming on the greens because of compaction caused by rolling when they are soft.  That’s unavoidable given the frequency it’s rained but we need to roll with the Turf Iron to keep the speeds up.  Compaction is easily sorted by verti-draining, where a machine punches 12” steel pins into the greens almost as far down as the underlying gravel drainage layers but finding a time to do it is a bit tricky when the calendar is busy.  We plan to do it early this week, weather permitting.

We have found another farmer who is interested (and has the equipment) to take our hay.  There are problems:  we need a dry spell for the ground to firm up to cope with heavy machinery and we need several dry days to make sure we harvest dry material.  Meanwhile the grass is losing nutritional value.  Plan B will be just to top off the grass to tidy it up and leave the cuttings to degrade naturally, which is what we did years ago before we harvested it.

Alan Wood

22 August 2020