It was a very wet start to the week:  we’ve had just over 50 mm of rain since last Friday, much of it in quite heavy downpours.  The course has taken it well, as it always does in the summer.  The rain has stimulated growth, so mowing has been a real priority.  We can’t roll the greens when they are damp and soft - it seals them over which causes flooding, which then needs solid tining (aka ‘vertidraining’) to clear.  The normal cut and roll pattern was resumed towards the end of the week.   The greens were running at just on 9’ on Friday, not bad for the damp conditions.

It looks like we are moving into a drier warmer spell running up to the club Championships, which bodes well for the greens.

fedthreadPlayers might notice reddish/pink patches of grass on the fairways, as shown below (for example the 2nd).  There are smaller patches on some of the greens.   This is the fungal disease ‘red thread’.  It can be treated with an anti fungal, or by applying nitrogen fertiliser, but in fact it is relatively benign and causes relatively little damage.  It usually clears up on its own as the climate conditions change. 

Many members will have heard about the otter seen across several of the course ponds.  It turns out to be an escapee and not used to fending for itself.  It has not been seen on the course since the middle of the week, but please can any sightings be reported.

Alan Wood

11 July 2021


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