Friday’s Stimp reading was 8’ 11”, measured on quite damp greens.  We’ve had an inch of rain since Monday.  Growth is still quite vigorous - all conditions that slow things down.  Historically we can see that prolonged dry periods lead to quicker greens - something to do with whether the grass shoots are sturdy or wilting...

The team have an empirical way of calibrating growth.  They speak of ‘boxes’ taken off i.e. how often they have to empty the grass catching bins on the mowers when the greens are cut.  When it is very dry - or cold - that can be as low as one, whilst the week before last when we’d had the heavy rain and the very hot weather it got up to 6 boxes.  This week the number was between 3 and 4.  Usually by now it has slowed to around 2.

Gavin managed to get a spray of growth regulator last week:  hopefully it was on the grass long enough to be absorbed before the rain washed it off.  When he can find space on the course next week he plans to verticut to tidy up the surface.

There is a report that there are a couple of trees on either side of the 9th which have died because of last winter’s severe rain.  We will get the club’s arboriculturists to take a look and if necessary take them down, but even dead trees can have a presence!

Alan Wood