It’s been an uneventful week all round.  The 8th bunker has been rebuilt, by replacing the drains, which were completely clogged up - several agricultural drains also tied in to the same place, which needed to be reconnected.  They are now covered with ‘bunker turf’, which is a thick heavily matted material that prevents sand getting in to the drains.  The 4th bunker has again been redrained following the diversion of the old field drain from the farm:  hopefully that will sort out the flooding.

Most of the course has been mown - not all of the rough needed it.  The lower temperatures this week have slowed growth down.  The height of the greens is now down to 4 mm, the normal summer height.  It’s a bit earlier than usual but Gavin is anticipating the approaching Easter weekend, with two Bank Holidays and staff holidays to accommodate.

Alan Wood

11 April 2022



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