It’s been a busy week.  It brought 53 mm of rain - 51 of which (2 inches!) fell overnight on Wednesday in the thunderstorms.  Apart from some slow-draining bunkers the effect of all that water was hardly visible by mid-morning Thursday.  Callum and the team had worked wonders restoring many washed-in bunkers - they are designed to gather balls so it is inevitable surface water will pour in.  The ability of the course to shake off large volumes of surface water in the summer is remarkable.


Unsurprisingly the greens moisture content was still high when we took the speed readings on Friday.  They were tined and dressed on Monday, followed later in the week with a light spray of nitrogen, iron, and growth regulator.  The lads managed to cut and roll on Friday morning, resulting in a speed reading of 9’1”.  That maintains this year’s average at our target of 9’.  The appended chart shows the weekly result against the average since we started these measurements in 2010, compared with our agronomist rating of 8’ 6” as ‘fast’ for club greens.


The week’s good news is that Tony Wellings returned to work on Monday, clear of infection.  Callum has therefore been able to tackle more of the ‘housekeeping’ jobs, like strimming stream banks and bunker margins.  Gavin is back next week.  Later in the month we will start to plan the winter’s schedule and the 2021 budget.


Alan Wood




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