This week’s Stimp was 9’ 5”.  We haven’t had a reading below our target of 9’ since late May, when the spring meadow grass seed heads were prominent.   Although the rain gauge at the sheds has been empty all week we are now into heavy morning dews which makes the grass quite wet.  The current hot spell is due to end in the traditional way - thunderstorms, leading into more normal early autumn weather.

The main work this week has been on the tees, which have been solid tined and scarified to 10 mm.  It might seem fairly shallow but a goodly amount of debris - measured in trailer loads - was removed.  This was followed with 20 tonnes of dressing spread over all the tees.  This work replicates what we will be doing during the upcoming ‘greens week’ (week commencing September 25), but with the addition of vertidraining - steel pins penetrating the full depth of the root zone and cranked slightly to lift and ease the material.  It’s quite disruptive, and as we can't roll immediately afterwards (which would undo the good work) recovery will take a few days.  We won’t be stimping that week.

Elsewhere it’s been catch-up grass cutting.  This upcoming week the focus will be on readying the course for next weekend’s Autumn meeting.

Course Committee

10 September 2023


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