The greens had it a little bit easier this week after 2 major presentational events in the preceding fortnight, although there was still Lady Captain’s Day to cater for.  Nevertheless they stimped at 10’ 1” on Friday morning, having been cut and rolled that morning.  We need to reflect on the impact of two back to back major events on the greens and the course staff, who worked through weekends without a break.  It’s unlikely to occur again for some time, if ever, but we have to look after our critical assets!

We’ve had 17.5 mm of rain Monday - Thursday, followed by a further 11 mm on Saturday.  The thundery rain was very localised - not far away at Hawarden they registered over 30 mm on Saturday.  It’s usually the other way round.   Notwithstanding that, Gavin has had to hand water the greens with wetting agent.   Due to their construction they drain very rapidly, and Dry Patch can be a real problem - it prevents routine overnight irrigation penetrating.

The walkways, tee to fairway, have again been dressed with fine grit (20 tonnes) as part of the ongoing work to firm up these areas for winter golf.

On Friday we finally said goodbye to Keith Birmingham.  He was a cornerstone of the course committee for over 20 years, always willingly available to stimp, divot, and to turn his hand to a variety of DIY maintenance jobs that regularly emerge.  He will be much missed - not just for his experience or his practical contributions but primarily as a golfing partner, touring companion, and dear friend. 

Course Committee

10th July 2023



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