Unsurprisingly, there is little to say this week.  We’ve had 35 mm of rain, and in common with the other local courses - including Bromborough - have been closed or under restrictions all week.  It’s hard to remember a wetter autumn/winter.  Eaton’s third quarter rainfall was 63% higher than historic averages, and after the first week in December the fourth quarter is already 27% up on the full quarter.

Fortunately the frosts have stopped the grass growing so cutting is not necessary (or possible).  Gavin is concerned about the rough, which has got very long.  Because the fairway gravel banding does not extend into the cut rough the ground there is too soft for the mowers.   It will be some time before it can be cut with our kit, but there is a special machine we might hire which runs on very soft tyres that might tackle those areas.

The team have been able to complete culling the dead or diseased trees, some 40 in number.  They’ve been cut into sections but can’t be brought in until the ground firms up.  We are also refurbishing the tee marker posts.  As the varnished finish ages it cracks, allowing water to seep in and darken the wood.  We can reseal the posts but the staining is permanent.

Looking forwards, the forecast is slightly better than recent history, but the course is sodden and will take time to recover.

Course committee

10 December 2023


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