Today (Friday)'s greens speed was 8’ 10”.  The greens were only cut this morning.  Normally they’d be cut and rolled for the weekend, but that was done yesterday ahead of the Men’s Open; today was all about general mowing.  We’ve only had a sprinkling of rain (4 mm) this week, but that and the increasing temperature is enough to generate increased growth.

We have started trying to relate greens moisture content to speed, using our new moisture meter.  The recommended moisture levels for sand-based greens like ours is within a range 15-25%, but this year the team have observed that scorching can begin at levels below 20%.  With the meter and the ability to control precisely the irrigation we aim to customise water content (and incidentally save some cost).  We need a series of readings to draw real conclusions, but today the slowest green was also the dampest, at 41%, as the hypothesis suggests.  

Callum has had to make do with limited manpower this week.  Gavin is on holiday, Tony off sick, and Jamie had to self-isolate on suspicion of Covid symptoms.  Fortunately he and his wife both tested negative so he was back at work on Thursday.  His ability to work on the course has been limited by Wednesday being Ladies day, Thursday being an Open, and Friday there were two significant visiting parties.  But it’s good we can begin to return to ’normal’ course use - we need the green fee income.

Excellent news:  Tony is coming back to work on Monday.  This is a bit of a surprise, and we’ll need to look after him for a while but it’s good to see he feels able to return.

Weather permitting this week Callum plans to Sarel roll (spike) and dress the greens, followed by a light spray of seaweed extract (feed) and iron (moss and grass hardening).

Alan Wood




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