Happy New Year, everyone!

The year has ended on a wet note, with December rainfall around 25% above the local norm.  We’ve had heavy overnight rains at the start of this week which closed the course on Tuesday 28th.  It was opened again (carry only) from Wednesday on, despite more rain.  Other local courses were closed Tuesday and Wednesday with some ongoing partial closures up to Friday. 

Gavin has all but finished banding the area between the 9th green and halfway house.  We are very encouraged with the drainage work (both banding and mole ploughing) that has been put in:  the treated areas are clearly much better than the untreated, but the real question is how long will we see these benefits?  We expect to repeat the work regularly but it can’t be every year.  It’s going to take some time - there is still a lot more to deal with, plus most of the fairways.  Apart from any other considerations there will be more wet autumns to limit what can be done.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Unfortunately, and most unusually, there has been some vandalism on the course, with several greens showing signs of pins being jammed into them - it’s not major damage and was easily repaired, but nevertheless it was clearly malicious and inexcusable.  We have a shrewd idea that it was caused by a group of visitors:  suitable action is being taken.

In the same vein, several of the Centenary towels mounted on ball washers have been ripped off their fastenings.  Whoever did it now has a ripped souvenir towel which is readily recognisable - and how it was obtained equally obvious.  Good luck with that, but one wonders at the mentality.

Alan Wood 1.1.22


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