The week’s statistics are:  rainfall 9 mm, greens speed 9’ 1”, despite damp and soft greens which are still growing quite strongly. 

The vertidraining last week is blending in, visually.  Greens were rolled a couple of times to assist.  Otherwise it has been all hands to the mowers in the short Bank Holiday week.

A small group spent a couple of hours on Friday morning divotting, managing to deal with 9 holes.  4 of the others are par 3’s; we will be able to finish the task next week.  Apologies to those keen to volunteer but I daren’t open it up; it’s a more manageable job with limited numbers.

It’s looking increasingly unlikely that we will manage to get a hay harvest this year.  The weather has consistently been against us and it's hard to see a long enough spell of drying conditions arising.   Morning dew is also a factor.  It’s further complicated by the County Seniors event September 16 and 17 followed by the Club’s Autumn meetings.  We don’t want to risk any of those encountering heavy machinery.  The fall-back will be to top off the long grass at 6-8” to tidy it up, which is what we used to do.

The soft greens are suffering from pitch marks, unsurprisingly.  Please could members try to repair their own and one more?  The problem will quickly disappear if we do.

Alan Wood