The main item this week was going to be the drainage work but then storm Arwen came by.  The course was closed, as were others locally, as a safety precaution, but we seem to have escaped major tree damage.  This is when we are grateful for the money we spend on regular tree inspection and treatment.

Not so fortunate was the flagpole.  I suppose it’s a credit to the new mountings Gavin installed a year or so ago that the pole went, not the footings.

As for the drainage work, Gavin is powering through it - and gravel/grit, having spent nearly £4000 already.  He’s got more done than we could have hoped already, and will continue for as long as ground conditions permit.  Please bear in mind, however, that the work is in part experimental.  There has to be improvement, but how much only time will tell - we will never create a Delamere, however much time and money we spend.  The objective is to make a significant improvement to course access and playability.

Finally, another plea for members to repair their pitchmarks.  It’s hard to believe that players are not aware of the damage they are causing.  Gavin reports that when the Four Counties juniors played the greens were immaculate after they had played because they were so diligent in making good.  If everyone sorted out at least one mark per green we would not have a problem.

Alan Wood

27 November 2021



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