Another dry week, but cold.  There have been frosts every morning, which is not helpful - work involving vehicles has to wait for it to clear to avoid bruising and blackening the grass.  The course is looking absolutely splendid at the moment, in part because the cold has slowed grass growth so the mowing stripes last and stand out.

As feared, the ground has already become too dry to enable mole ploughing - the unit can’t get deep enough into the ground.  Gavin is trying to open up some of the drains with the trencher, just to make some progress.  But the message has to be this work will have to be done when ground conditions permit, not necessarily when it’s convenient.  Whether that might be mid-summer or autumn we can only wait to see, but the work has to be done.

Otherwise, it’s largely been routine maintenance.  The ground around the trees has been treated to keep it weed-free and promote tree growth.  It will soon be time to spray the fairways with selective weedkiller - it’s looking like a good spring for daisies!  In earlier years we got a contractor in to do this but Gavin prefers to do it himself, especially with the new sprayer.

Alan Wood

17 April 2021


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