Competition Score Entry from 19th July 2021

Following on from the email issued by the Secretary/Manager detailing new arrangements at Eaton GC  from 19th July, we wish to clarify our policy on competition score entry, which is in line with the options provided by CONGU and England Golf in their recent update.

Individual Competitions

Electronic score entry via the HowDidIDo and Clubv1 apps remains our strongly preferred method for all individual men's and ladies competitions. However, as currently, any member needing assistance may ask one of our Professionals to enter their score in the Pro Shop.


As has become routine during the pandemic, a player should complete his/her own scorecard, agree it with their marker, and retain it for 48 hours in case queries arise. CONGU are particularly concerned to maintain a level of integrity within the World Handicap System. Therefore, when entering his/her score through the apps the marker's name must be selected, should any queries arise. Failure to enter the marker's name may result in disqualification from the competition.

Pairs and Team Competitions

In Pairs and Team competitions scores should be entered through the PSI terminal in the Spike Bar as the apps do not have this facility. Therefore, in order to maintain integrity it will be necessary to place completed scorecards in the relevant box in the Spike Bar for subsequent inspection by a Committee member. As with individual competitions the scorecard should be completed and signed by one of the players, and the name of the certifying marker or other team member should be entered.

Once again, any member requiring assistance should enter their Pair's or Team's score through the Pro Shop.

Bob Costello, Men's Handicap and Competition Secretary

Libby Underhill, Ladies Competition Secretary

Kay Vickers, Mixed Competition Secretary


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