Competition Score Entry from a Smartphone

Club Systems/HowDidIDo have introduced a feature on the HowDidIDo app and webpage which allows a player's score to be directly inputted to the competition system from a smartphone. This is being enabled on all Eaton GC Men's and Mixed Gender competitions with immediate effect, and will replace the need to photograph scorecards for submission through the Pro Shop. In the first instance this will be an optional enhancement and those members preferring the Pro to photograph their scorecard, or transmit its image to the Pro Shop by email, will still be able to do so.

In order to enter your score please follow these simple steps
- Open the HDID app
- Open the drop down menu in the top right corner
- Select Today's Golf
- Select Sign In (you may already have been signed in by the Pro)
- Select Score Entry
- Enter your score for each hole using the + and - keys

The system clearly relies on the accuracy and integrity of the player, so it is recommended that you cross check your score with your marker at the end of the process. However a score verification update is being developed and should be rolled out shortly.

Score entry in Ladies and Mixed competitions will continue as at present or until separate announcements are made by their respective Committees. However the system is currently only available for Singles competitions, and not for Pairs or Team competitions.

Bob Costello
Men's Handicap and Competition Secretary


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