Welcome to the Junior Academy

Junior Captain 2023 Aaron Joinson

Eaton Golf Club has a thriving junior section and extends a warm welcome to you and all our junior members. Our 60 to 70 active juniors are supported by a team of club professionals and enthusiastic volunteers in all aspects of junior life and development. (Pathway development)

Our juniors are valued members of the club and their development is actively supported and encouraged. We have a Junior Guidance Handbook that  gives more information.

At Eaton GC we arrange weekly graded junior coaching on Saturdays and Sundays and junior holiday camps during school holidays, these are arranged throughout the golf season. Also we arrange a junior winter programme of coaching and competitions throughout the winter. This year we have introduced an Elite golf scholarship for a small group.

When you join Eaton GC you will be entitled to some free coaching lessons.

Regular Junior competitions are arranged throughout the golf season that include majors, weekly junior roll ups, knock-outs and a winter league that continues through the off season.

We hope that as a junior you will take full advantage of this opportunity and enjoy your membership, our facilities, and the friendship that you may make here.

As a member you will be given a membership bag tag and security card which you should carry with you as evidence of your membership and access to our facilities.

If you want to find out more about being a junior at Eaton GC, please contact one of us below.

JUNIOR ORGANISER     Denise Edwards        
ASSISTANT   Mike Alexander    
BOARD MEMBER   Sue Parkes    
CLUB SECRETARY   Kerry Brown   01244 335885  or  office@eatongolfclub.co.uk
CLUB PROFESSIONAL   Bill Tye   01244 336862
JUNIOR COACHING   Graham Roberts   07854 317739
CLUB STEWARD   Russ Abbott   01244 336862


Eaton Academy

Mission Statement:
To establish an environment of trust and fun within the Eaton Academy, which also provides a platform for excellence in performance.


To create an experience at Eaton Golf Club which inspires and provides opportunity to excel as a junior golfer.
Establish a style of play which puts emphasis on playing ‘free.’
To place emphasis of learning golf through the golf course.
To provide exciting lessons for all ranges of ability and age through a tier system.
To not only provide active learning to Juniors through their own golf game but also to provide
educational lessons



Junior Guidance Handbook Files Attachment
Eaton Golf Club extends a warm welcome to you and all our junior members. Our Juniors are valued members of the club and your development is actively supported and encouraged. Learn More
Junior Coaching Handbook Files Attachment
This booklet sets out the approach and details for Junior Coaching at Eaton Golf Club. Learn More
Junior Development Pathway Files Attachment